Puja Aura

Apparel Designer

Puja Arora was born on September 26, 1973 in New Delhi, India. She is a passionate entrepreneur & a devout lover of fashion and Style. She had an eye for fashion, style and elegance from her childhood. She would often advise her tailor on styles and cuts and would always get things custom made for her where most of the inputs on fabrics, designs, cuts and style would be hers. This was her first informal foray into the world of fashion designing.

Puja originally was a student of Marketing and worked in the same field during start of career. She then ventured into a couple of small enterprenial ventures but was never excited about what she was doing. In January 2012 she followed the voice of her heart to follow her passion and launched the Label “Anoushkriti” in New Delhi India. The Label, a blend of Armenian word “Anoush” and Hindi word “Kriti”, symbolizes the Graceful Creations.

Puja’s collection has unique fusion styles where she tries to combine innovative use of pure fabrics including handmade, hand printed, and woven from different parts of India depicting rich traditional and cultural heritage with latest western cuts, styles and trends to bring out best of both worlds into a single garment. Apart from that she loves to embellish her designs with exquisite fine hand embroideries, applique work and block printing.

Challenges of being mother of two teenage kids and a big move from India to USA a couple of years back have deterred puja as of now to go big bang into the market, but she has received great reviews, appreciations and accolades wherever she went. Success for her is the enjoyment she derives from her work and her creations. Smiles on the face of her customers pay for the days and nights of hardwork that goes in to create each and every piece in her collection.