Kimberly Yontz

Apparel Designer

A Winston Salem native, Ms. Yontz has always been drawn towards creative hand crafts and a love for the art of being well dressed. An appreciation for nice clothes was garnered early on by her mother and grandmothers, and she could often be seen effortlessly attired “just-so” in her Sunday best. She was taught that a proper Southern woman readied for an occasion in a pretty dress complete with matching gloves, hat, purse, tights, and shoes.

As a child she made simple doll clothes by hand and enjoyed endless hours of cross-stitch, excelling to the point of creating her own unique designs. A beloved aunt saw the beginning of where she is today, teaching her to operate a sewing machine and decipher patterns during her teenage years. She continued to develop these skills into a lifelong profession as an accomplished seamstress, pattern maker, technical and creative designer. Ms.Yontz has contributed to a variety of projects during the 20+ years of her career, from ballet costumes to bridal and evening gowns, casual men’s and women’s clothing, to underwear and sleepwear per her current position as Technical Designer at Hanesbrands, Inc.

Her personal fashion sense is grounded in the fundamentals of quality, figure flattering, well-tailored garments with color/pattern/texture added for interest. She is attracted to embroidered and hand crafted elements and often uses these in her designs. She believes in understanding the given properties of fabrics while also experimenting with unexpected applications.

When she’s not creating beautiful thing to wear you can usually find her in the flower garden or engaged in a home remodeling project. She shares a joy and love filled life with her husband and their five beautiful children.

I hope that you will take note of these things as you view this small collection of interesting finds from Goodwill. She’s combined her unique aesthetics with these pieces to create designs that pay homage to her home city, from its past to its future.