Jayson Sloan

Apparel Designer

J.J. Sloan is a 15 year old male from the city of Winston-Salem North Carolina. J.J.’s parents are Mia and Jayson Sloan. J.J. has one older sister Jlysa and one younger Izzy. J.J. will be attending West Forsyth high school next year in the fall as a rising sophomore. He is a talented two sport athlete who plays football and lacrosse . He got into fashion in the 7th grade but started designing freshman year. While in his art class his teacher suggested he should think of a brand name and it started from their. He then created the brand called Not Basic which is a street wear brand combined with the suburbs.  The people who influenced J.J.’s fashion looks the most are A$AP Rocky, Nick Young, Jaden Smith, NASCAR,all of the Migos ( especially offset), and the “suburban dad look”.  The designers and brands that J.J. look up to and who model his brand after the most are Death to Tennis, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Ralph Lauren , Tommy Hilfiger, Spaghetti boys, Vineyard Vines, Odd Future, and Dapper Dan.